Ad Hoc Property Management

Property Guardians

There are hundreds of thousands of empty properties in the UK which stand vacant for a variety of reasons. They include flats and houses, offices, churches, sports halls and more. Ad Hoc provides a service that is of benefit to both property owner and those looking for low cost accommodation by putting these buildings back into use.

Who can become an Ad Hoc Property Guardian?

Anyone looking for affordable accommodation who is responsible and employed can apply to become a Property Guardian. As a Guardian you would be allocated a room or property in an area to suit you, with prices ranging from £150 to £500 per month. Communal areas such as kitchens are shared.  You simply live in the building as your home, effectively house-sitting for the owner.

Being a Guardian differs from a tenancy and the rights and responsibilities are different.  This will be explained to you in detail at your induction and you will receive a Guardian Handbook detailing Ad Hoc house rules.  The main difference is that we operate under a licence agreement and are able to terminate this with only 28 days' notice.  We do, however, always try our best to rehouse our Guardians.

What does Ad Hoc offer?

  • Residential or commercial buildings to choose from  
  • Live in a former office, church, care home, library or even stately home or a standard flat
  • Low cost - from just £35 per week including bills
  • Flexible contracts, no tenancy agreement - just 2 week's notice required from you to leave the property
  • UK-wide locations